Everything from Yellow House is local, natural and fresh. Those are not buzzwords-- that's the truth. All raised in Medina County, humanely harvested, safely packaged and brought to market. No middle man. No warehousing-- just straight from us to you.

All of meats are USDA inspected and stamped.

Beef is grown on a grain diet with access to hay at all times. Animals are harvested betwee 12-16 months of age.

Pigs are raised on a corn/ soybean mash and finished with whey from our cheese making. Pork is tender and amazing. Our pigs are a mix between Berkshire, Duroc and Yorkshire breeds.

Lambs are born and raised on our farm. Lamb is hrvested between 6-9 months of age.

Chickens are pasture raised and harvested before 8 weeks of age.


Yellow House reserves the right to medicate any animals that are sick. We follow all withdrawl times and no animal in the United States can go to slaughter with any antibiotics in their system. It is our goal that every animal lives a healthy, happy life with only one bad day.

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