Meet the Family

Kevin Henslee

Fixer of Things & Cheesemeister

Kevin Henslee is currently an educator for the Medina City Schools. Kevin’s family has been farming in southwestern Illinois for over 100 years. Kevin has developed an extensive knowledge of feed utilization and genetic research. He has rebuilt and remodeled all the buildings on the farm.

Kristyn Henslee

Milk Maid & Cheese Maker

Kristyn Henslee is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in agricultural communications and a minor in animal science. She has over 20 years of large livestock experience. Kristyn has been trained specifically on dairy sheep at the University of Wisconsin Spooner Research Station. Her daily activities include milking the sheep, making the cheese, maintaining the family schedule and everything in between.

Corinne & Ellen

Worlds Best Helpers, #girliefarmers

Both girls help so much on the farm. They feed, they water, they mostly do what they are supposed to with lots of giggling included. The girls are responsible for all the bird production. They are both very active in 4H and play soccer.

Gretta & Winky

Farm Helpers

Gretta & Winky are registered Border Collies that live on the farm. Gretta is in training to become a helpful farm dog including herding and gate watch. Winky is Gretta's daughter and is just beginning to take directions on the farm.