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gretta winkskevin cowKendall, April SnowBlue Tang ClanWooster PikeNew cheese blooming in caveSheep graze on new pastureRaking hayNew chicks and turkeysHay making timeBaling HayHandmade blue cheeseFarmer SelfieReady to be milkedLambWooster Pike BlueMilking TimeLambs always in the tubs!MilkingMy little helperSo cute!Making CheeseKing's Castle-- just madeLambs at the feederSnuggle timeHeaderWoogie on PastureSheep on December PastureFreshly made cheeseCheese just moldedMilk in the vatCheeses bluing in the caveAt the MarketCheese for SaleBeautiful King's Castlemilking the sheepWaiting for the Curdstesting for blueAging in the CaveMixing the CurdsLetting the curds settleCutting the CurdCutting the CurdChecking for a 'clean break'Adding the rennettBringing the milk up to temperatureAdding the starter cultures and mold powderchecking the temperatureSalting the fresh cheesesLetting the cultures startLambing time! Triplets!!!My market helpersYellow House BlueNew cheeses moved to the caveAging in the CaveFlock on pastureHappy ewes on pastureSheep on pastureOllie the Border CollieFreshly made sheep's milk blue cheeseCurd BasketsCow's Milk Blue Cheese in the CaveYoung cheeses aging in the aging caveYoung sheep's milk cheeses in the aging caveYoung bluing cheesesA fresh batch moved down to the aging caveKevin Milking in the ParlorNumber 83 trying to get back in for more feedAfter milking, hitting the feederSheep in the parlorReady to eat & milkSpeckle in the feed panTriplets! Three sets of triplets have been born on the farm this year!Lambs in the round bale feederEar TaggerBander for tails and castrationThe sacred lambing record bookLambing supplies always need to be ready to go!Scale used to weight lambsNavel Clamps are used to close the umbilical cord.Peek-a-boo!Looking through the working chuteEllen checking the records during shearingFirst haircut of 2012Carrying wool to the truckWool bags: 2 full, 1 emptyFilling the wool bagWool Bag StandCompleted fleeceHello, Sheep!Shearing sheepNew Milking Standfooterlogologo with textheaderlogoheaderlogomapmapGretta with the sheepFinishing the barn door!Henslee & Daughters logoKristyn showing at the fairYellow House of Yellow House CheeseShearing timeShearing in the springTaking a break to readShearing penCorinne & EllenCows on pastureOut in the fieldOlive & EyebrowNew baby in green halterLambs in the creep feederEllen in the feederKevin shearing the Martin RamClipping at the fairShowing Rova at the fairKristyn & SassyLambs at the hay feederKevin & SparkleBringing in the cowsDarla at the Hay RackCurds & wheyOn the drying rackFilling the moldsDrying processAging CheesesfacebookYellow House Cheese LogoRam with Breeding HarnessAt the Feeder SalePhoebe with IngeNew Claf on the FarmSheep on dry lotEllen at the ShowSeling at Beef ExpoKevin with CooperAt the wash rackOut on PastureThe Henslee FamilyShearing Time at the FarmSweet Little LambFarmers daughter