Milking the Sheep


Yes, you can milk a sheep.

Globally sheep have been used for dairy production for thousands of years. The United States imports over 70 times the amount of sheep’s milk cheeses produced in the country. Many popular imported sheep’s milk cheeses include peccorino Romano, manchego and Roquefort blue.

The sheep are milked on a seasonal basis from about March through September. Sheep go to the parlor twice a day and produce about two quarts of milk a day. Sheep are milked on a platform in groups of eight. Bucket milkers are used to gently milk four sheep at a time. Though sheep produce a far smaller volume of milk than cows, it is richer in fat, solids, and minerals. Sheep milk is ideal for the cheese-making process.

Quite honestly, this venture really seemed to choose us. The universe just kept putting all of the pieces of this puzzle in place for us. We finally just had to listen. Kristyn has always been interested in dairying; sheep just seemed to fit into our family. Plus, baby lambs are the cutest animal ever!