Meet the Sheep


Our sheep flock contains a mixture of breeds including Fresian, Lacaune, Dorset, South African Meat Merino and Hampshire. That is quite a mix! The rams we use are Fresian and Lacaune which are the most popular dairy breeds in the US. The Fresian is originally a German breed and the Lacaune is originally from France. We are working to move our ewes up to 70% dairy genetics for optimal dairy production as well as trying to keep some meat qualities to market our spring lambs. The ewes are smaller, quiet and docile.

Our sheep’s main diet is clover grass or hay. The ewes are also supplemented with corn in the milking parlor. All sheep have full access to clean water, bedding and shelter. Animal welfare is our highest concern, happy sheep are healthy sheep. Sheep are sheared twice a year, once before lambing and once in the fall.

Ewe lambs are reared as replacements and additions to the milking flock. Ram lambs are marketed as finished market lambs. Yellow House Cheese is committed to raising the lambs as naturally as possible, including exposure to grass pastures.

If you are interested in our lamb, please see the meat page.