Meats and Eggs

Everything from Yellow House is local, natural and fresh. Those are not buzzwords-- that's the truth. All raised in Medina County, humanely harvested, safely packaged and brought to market. No middle man. No warehousing-- just straight from us to you.

All of meats are USDA inspected and stamped.

All prices are listed per pound. Most all cuts are packaged in one pound increments, excluding roasts which are 2.5 to 5 pounds.

Looking for recipes? Check our Pinterest Boards.



All born and raised on our farm. We have over 200 lambs born each spring on our farm. Out of those lambs, we raise our own ewe lambs to enter our milking flock and feed out the remainder to bring you the most fresh, tender, delicious lamb you can find locally. All of our lamb is sold as retail cuts from the farm or at farmer’s markets.

If you are looking for a specific cut of lamb, please ask us. Our butcher can cut to order.

Ground $9

Shanks $12

Shoulder Roast $12

Leg of Lamb Roast $12

Leg Steaks $12

Lamb Chops $18

Rack of Lamb $22

Lamb Liver, Heart & Kidney $4

Need Lamb Recipes? Check out the American Lamb Board.


Pigs are raised on a corn/ soybean mash and finished with whey from our cheese making. Pork is tender and amazing. Our pigs are a mix between Berkshire, Duroc and Yorkshire breeds. Straight Berkshires are also available.

Pork is always available by retail cuts as well as whole or half for chefs and by the whole or half for freezer pork.

Roaster pigs are occasionally available.

If you are looking for primal cuts, we can also sell bellies, loins, hams and shoulders if you want to cure your own cuts or grind your own sausages.

Ground Pork $6

Sausages $7

Pork Chops $7

Shoulder Steaks $7

Loin Roast $6

Shoulder Roast $6

Fresh Ham Roast $6

Bacon $9

Ham Steaks $8

Need recipes? Check the National Pork Board Site. 



All of our birds are raised with love by our sweet #girliefarmers-- Corinne and Ellen. The girls raise over 300 broiler chickens each summer as well as ducks, turkeys and geese for 4H.

Whole Chicken $3.50

Whole Duck $8

Whole Turkey $3.50

Whole Goose (upon request)


Beef & Goat

We do have a small cow and meat goat herd. On occasion we will have beef and goat available. We also have farmer friends who raise freezer beef if you are looking for it. Please send a message if you are interested.



Ellen’s Eggs are far superior to any other egg you will ever find. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ellen, she’ll tell you all about her hens and egg adventures.


Meats are harvested at Whitefeather Meats, Canaan Meats, Pleasant Valley Poultry and Heffelfinger Meats. 

Looking for something you can’t find? Ask us.

We have many farmer friends we can refer you to.