Welcome to Yellow House Cheese

Sharing Our Farm With You

Yellow House Cheese is a family farm that makes artisan style aged cheeses. Yellow House Cheese produces high quality sheep’s milk cheeses from their own sheep flock. Cow’s milk and mixed milk cheeses are also handmade in our creamery.

We are the connection to your food. We feed it, we grow it, we love it, we bring it to market, we feed your family and we are proud to share our farm with you.

Remember Farmer Jones feeding his cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, turkeys, goats... Yeah-- that's us. We value hard work and we are raising our daughters to respect, care and value our farm animals. We strongly believe that we only get out of an animal what we put into it.

Supporting our family farm makes owning our farm possible. We were not born into this. Our farm has not been passed down from the previous generation. We took the risk to start this farm in 2011 and are proud of what we do.

The mission of Yellow House Cheese is to produce quality, handmade, small batch cheeses focusing on high animal care standards while upholding the tradition of the family farm in local agriculture.

Yellow House Cheese is a small town, small acreage enterprise in Seville, Ohio. The four-acre family farm houses the family’s sheep flock, milk parlor, and creamery. A twenty two acre farm, located 8 miles north east of the creamery, houses the sheep flock, lambs, goat herd, cattle, chickens and ducks.