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Ordering is now live for delivery Saturday June 6th

Posted 6/2/2020 10:02am by Kevin & Kristyn Henslee.


Hello from Yellow House!


Suggested Shopping for this week:

Have a fiesta night. Order chorizo for tacos, a top sirloin for fajitas, jalepeno cilantro kraut, lettuce, green onions, Seville Spread instead of cream cheese.

Try a new cheese. Marinated Sunshine Gold is in the store this week. A feta style in olive oil with herbs de provance, black peppercorns and red pepper flakes. Guilford is a super funky but smooth washed rind sheep's milk cheese. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Seville Spread is back. Put it on bagels or use as a fruit dip.

Yarn is in the store! This limited edition yarn comes from the Yellow House Farm December 2018 shear. It was processed at The Zeilinger Wool Company in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The yarn is sturdy, strong, full of bounce and character. It is a lovely cream color 2-ply, perfect for dyeing or using as is for your knitting, crocheting, or weaving projects.

If you love our products, please share the store link with a friend and encourage them to order. It really makes a difference.


Our family and all the farmer friends that sell in our store are first generation farmers. What does that mean? We started our farms. Our farms were not passed down through generations of ownership. We believed in ourselves and took the risk to purchase land and invest in the soil. We all started in our 20s & 30s, relatively young in the farmer demographic. We believe. We are invested. We have mortgages and liability insurance and utility bills to pay. This isn't a hobby. It's who we are. Buying directly from our online store allows us to keep current with bills and invest back into our farm businesses. Thank you all for your orders and positive reviews. If you could click the link in our bio or in the comments and look through the grocery offerings this week, we'd appreciate it. If you find something you like, please order. And when you are done, copy the link and share it to your account, story or text it to a friend that you think would appreciate, safe local food made by determined farmers.

  • Please return egg cartons. The chickens and the farmers appreciate it.
  • Some pickup times are changing. Please note the time changes for the Medina and Larder pickup times. *If you want to order food to go at Larder at the same time that you pickup, Larder is asking that you call ahead to place your order. 216.912.8203* 
    • Pickup locations include:
      Farm on Blake Road in Seville 10-Noon
      Medina County Courthouse Parking Lot 10-11am
      Van Aken Market Hall Parking Lot 10-Noon
      Larder Delicatessen 1:30-2:30pm

How to order:
The online store opens on Tuesday at noon and closes Thursday at 9pm.

Customers place an order and pay at www.localline.ca/yellow-house-cheese

Groceries are then packed for pickup on Saturday mornings.

Thank you again for supporting our family farm.
We love to share our farm with you.

Much Love and Health, Kevin & Kristyn Henslee

Yellow House Cheese 9733 Wooster Pike, Seville, Ohio 44273

330.769.9733 yellowhousecheese.com