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Local Line Store Open for Saturday Delivery

Posted 4/14/2020 9:57am by Kevin & Kristyn Henslee.


The store is now open until Thursday at 9pm for orders delivered Saturday, April 18th.

We have 4 Saturday pickup locations;
Van Aken Market Hall Parking lot 10-12
Larder Delicatessen 1-2pm
Medina Court House Parking lot 10-12
Yellow House Cheese in Seville 10-12

Yellow House, Valley City Fungi, C & K Farms , York Meadows and Drift Hills Farms are offered this week. Please remember as the growing season progresses produce and meat offerings will expand and change. You can find all these great products online at localline here.
Beef will be available in May.
Chicken & Lamb will be available in June.
If as a customer you feel we are missing anything that you need, please reach out and we will find a farmer to direct you to or source from.
This is the safest and most reliable way for us to share our farm with you.
The best way to support us is to tell a friend to sign up for our email list and share our store. Thank you for always supporting our family farm.

Much love and stay healthy,

💛 Kevin & Kristyn at Yellow House

The online store will open on Tuesdays morning and close at 9pm on Thursday. This is a new platform for all of us so please be patient if there is a learning curve.


Yellow House Cheese 9733 Wooster Pike, Seville, Ohio 44273

330.769.9733 yellowhousecheese.com