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39% funded with some super fun events coming up

Posted 7/21/2017 11:23am by Kevin & Kristyn Henslee.



Hello from Yellow House!

I wanted to touch base and tell you that we 39% funded with just under two weeks to go in our Kickstarter campaign.
It is our goal to raise $20,000 in order to help us expand our sheep dairy with a pasteurizer, pipeline milking, & bulk tank.
This project will give us the flexibility to create new, fresh cheeses plus save us hours of labor and cleaning time in the milking parlor.
If you haven't done so already, please click through to the link, watch our video, read more about our project, pledge and share our message.

From Kevin

Ok, this is out of my comfort zone and pretty emotional for me. I really enjoy helping other people. I like problem solving and figuring things out. It makes me happy to see my friends and hardworking people being successful. I think it was part of the way I was raised and the example set for me. It’s what makes being an educator and a farmer so satisfying. Witnessing something grow from almost nothing to be thriving and productive with a little bit of my help is what drives me.

I spend a lot of time helping others and for whatever reason I hate asking people for help myself. I often turn down offers from people who want to come to the farm for a day and lend a hand. It’s mainly because what we do is loosely planned and somewhat chaotic. There’s a never ending list of things to fix and maintain along with daily care of living beings. The list of people that can jump in and understand what to do is very very short, so most of the time we bear down and just do it by ourselves. My 12 and 13 year old daughters are capable of handling and accomplishing tasks most grown adults would have no idea about and they do it in a most girly fashion. We honestly couldn’t function without them. Kristyn knows and does things I can’t. This equipment will benefit her most making her work less physically demanding and allowing her to produce new exciting foods that will benefit the Ohio local food scene.

I spend time I could be working at my own place, doing all sorts of things for others because you are my friends and people in need. I’ve volunteered with 4H since I was 18, serving as a club advisor, served on extension and livestock committees. I love to help and educate. I speak to church groups, community organizations, and classes at The Ohio State University. At the farm I host open houses, chefs with staff, food industry tours, cheese makers, sheep producers, vet students, classes from OSU, 4-H clubs, girl and boy scouts. I’ve never charged for any of this. It’s part of being a community.

As I said, this is way out of my comfort zone, but right now is when I need a little bit of help. I need your help to purchase equipment that frees up some of our time and takes away some of the physical burden of what we do. Anything you can throw our way would be very much appreciated. You get one guess as to what I’ll spend any extra time doing. You’ll probably get to see me and my family more. Please click on the link to our kickstarter and check it out. Feel free to call or message me or better yet attend one of the events we have going on in the next two weeks and talk to me in person.


From Kristyn

We started YHC as a small acreage enterprise at the house we bought when we were 23. It has 4.5 acres and a barn and an old carriage house with a root cellar that we turned into a creamery. Two years into business, a farm 5 miles from the house went for sale with 22+ acres. The farm was an old dairy farm that hadn't seen much farming in quite some time. The barns were full of junk car parts and janky paneling from home improvements of the early 80s. It was perfect for us. Buildings upon buildings that were useful to new farmers, places for hay, places for kids, places for pastures and grazing. Perfect for us. It was an agonizing decision to purchase this farm. We had only been in business for two years and still were quite unsure of what we were doing. If we bought this farm we were committed to having two properties because we couldn't build another creamery. So in true Henslee fashion we rolled the dice and went for it. We bought the farm. We're first generation back to the farm. Most farms get passed down from generation to generation, most paid for with built in equity, with little risk involved. But not us. At the age of 34, we went for it, and we are continuing to bring this farm back to life.

We'd love your pledge help us be able to continue to make forward progress on our family farm. The funds were raising are towards equipment so that I can milk sheep here, bringing the old dairy buildings back to life.

Any and every amount pledged gets us closer to our $20,000 goal. Thank you for always supporting our dream of sharing our farm with you.

Upcoming Events
Saucisson Saturday, July 22 11am-7pm. Lamb tacos served all day, Henslee famiy in the shop from 1-5pm, cheese and shenanigans this Saturday at Saucisson. Hope to see you there.
The Rhined Sunday, July 23 Noon-4pm Meet the Maker Come out and sample cheeses, check out this new shop and support a new business who is totally in love with our family farm.
111 Bistro Wednesday, July 26 at 6:30 PM - 9 PM Cheese tasting with paired wines. $30
Toast Thursday, July 27 Cheese flights with the Cheese Makers
Fair Time
The girls are once again exhibiting their livestock at the Medina County Fair. The fair runs July 31-August 6th. 
Click here to read their buyers letter if you are interested in purchasing one of their projects.

Yellow House Cheese 9733 Wooster Pike, Seville, Ohio 44273

330.769.9733 yellowhousecheese.com